After a little circular time in my head, I called a friend on the pretext that I needed her opinion. I didn`t really take care of their comments; I just wanted to let the link of my internal dialogue unfold. The peculiarities are that I felt that a teacher in one of my kindergartens was a bit abused. My girlfriend listened politely, agreed, and then threw some of her opinions into the fire. My friend`s well-intentioned participation and agreement consolidated my story and what started as a flame turned into a campfire. We analyzed the teacher`s personality and motivations, and analyzed what was happening from different angles. Finally, we went up the lens and made the problem more systematic, a sample of the most important problems that arose at school. Our continuous convergence has continued to stoke the fire, we have settled around it and we are roasting resentment in just tones. Have you ever spent hours talking about something that bothers you? Do you call friends or family to ventilate? Do you think a solution and relief will appear if you excite it over and over again? How much time you spend in the reality of the agreement that I wish to air and the agreement worked and I moved away from those calls feel better. The agreement creates and confirms positions and aerates neural trajectories.

I left the reputation angry and dispossessed, planted in a clearly defined attitude. Whenever I feel good and someone else is wrong, the alarm bell sounds. There is no possibility if positions are set. A single drop of doubt can allow you to enter the room. Curiosity creates bridges between us. But in today`s world, almost every object you touch, every device, every box, bottle and crate of cereal, is largely unknown to you, which you simply accept as reasonable and useful and without further examination. We get in a car, we turn the key, we go, we learn to drive and add fuel, and most of us take it just to get it, because we have no idea what`s going on under the skin of the machine. And so, on his phone, that would be considered a magic at any other time, and that was the stuff of science fiction in 1963, when we were watching Star Trek on television. Talking to your friends or your shrinking will only be helpful if they are brave enough to offer a different perspective. An agreement will confirm your position and keep you in mind. You`re dead in your head. «God, give me the serenity to accept things I can`t change, the courage to change what I can and the wisdom to see the difference.» If I discover what is in my power to move, I can create an action plan to make this attraction.

If I am not prepared to take the necessary steps to feel better, I recognize it and pray or meditate for availability.