Ready to launch your hunt for the perfect transfer school? Try the CollegeXpress search tool! Watch the transfer profile search on CollegeTransfer.Net and link to Community College Career Resources, transfer policies, consulting centers and much more how to limit your search. Articulation agreements are formal agreements between two or more colleges and universities that generally document the transfer policies of a particular program or diploma (or some would call for a partnership). Do you want to search for and find articulation chords? Keep in mind that each state has its own requirements for school transmission and that each articulation agreement is unique. To give you an idea of what you might look like, here are the details of three articulation agreements in three different states: from another point of view, transfer agreements simplify the complexity of determining the courses to be taken. You should eliminate the conjecture work on portability. Joint agreements are designed to save students time and money, an important advantage in dealing with the rising cost of higher education alternatives. Articulation agreements are partnerships between institutions that can help ensure that the courses you attend at NOVA are transferred to a university or university. Transfer articulation agreements are generally designed for specialized professional or technical programs that are delivered in higher education institutions (for example. B Science Associate (AS), Associate of Fine Arts (AFA), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), diplomas, certificates, which can be applied to a specific four-year/principal program at the receiving university. There is a course equivalency list that allows the transfer advisor to specifically orient a student on a course basis to ensure that certain courses are properly transferred if a student does not plan or decide to obtain an associate degree. The part of an articulation chord that is probably most useful to you is a program-to-program diagram. It is a clear and concise picture that shows exactly how two university programs are coordinated, one in a community school and the other in a four-year institution.

For example, it shows how an English degree in English corresponds to a bachelor`s degree in English from a four-year school. Perhaps you think: «Guaranteed entry? Did I read it correctly? Yes, that`s what you did! We really can`t do better: many articulation agreements guarantee automatic acceptance of any student who has obtained an associate degree with a certain cumulative GPA. Some institutions indicate what type of degree associated (art vs. art associate.