I am in the process of renting out my property and I wonder what the law says when it comes to who has to pay for the lease. However, while you are at ESA, you can double the rent of the room you are allowed to keep by providing your sub-tenants with meals (perhaps you could offer breakfast). See www.lodgersite.com/Who_To_Inform.html#benefit With my partner, I`m thinking about moving to the north of England to take advantage of a job opportunity. However, we have only been living in our current apartment for a month and a half of a 12-month lease (with opt-out after six months with one month`s notice). Hello, I am a resident landlord who shares the house with my wife and daughter, we have two tenants, I charge my daughter`s rent makes her another tenant or she is part of the family household, thank you Totally horrified I turned on my heels, I went out right away and booked in a local bed and breakfast. There is no way on this land to go back and I really need to know if there is some kind of period of reflection with leases and how much money I risk losing if I don`t move in? (I paid a deposit and two months` rent). Without reading the agreement, it`s hard to say, but my feeling is that since the landlord did not act to complete the first six months, you are entitled to believe that the rental will last until April 30, and so she may not have the right to end it prematurely. I`d say you`re holding the cards in her hand – she clearly wants you to get out. You believe she is not eligible to ask you to leave before April 30, but if you find somewhere, you may want to leave before March 18. I would chat openly and pleasantly with her – be prepared to leave early, not to cancel an early termination and to suggest that she accept a short notice from you. Good luck. For more information and your eligibility to rent a room, please visit lodgersite.com/INTRO.html.

I recently moved into a property with a guaranteed six-month short-term lease. According to the agreement, I must give the owner at least two months` notice before hosting the house, and I cannot give notice of termination until the conclusion of four months. .