At Ford, the deal includes $6 billion in product investments in U.S. facilities and the creation or reflection of more than 8,500 jobs, according to a statement released late Wednesday. The union will meet with hundreds of local leaders Friday in Detroit to learn the details of the deal. If they approve, the agreement will be put to a vote by Ford`s 55,000 American workers. The contract puts workers hired after 2007 on the same salary as older workers in four years and maintains the benefits of workers in the health sector with low premiums. Workers hired after that date, about one-third of the total employment, started with about half the salary of former employees and had no chance of reaching the maximum wage, currently $31 per hour. Under the new contract, inequality will end and those with four years of experience, with more older workers, will move to the higher level of $32 an hour. «It`s a rich contract for workers,» Anderson said. «Health care would be the envy of almost all American workers.» Ford and the UAW began discussions on Monday on more important issues, such as wage increases, the use of temporary workers and health insurance coverage, but the union had previously said the parties had «made considerable progress» on minor issues.

These wage increases and caps could prove costly if the union meets with Fiat Chrysler next week, because lower-paid production workers account for 72 percent of manufacturing workers who do not have craft trades. In 2015, UAW-FCA members rejected the first interim agreement. «GM has also agreed to grant paid leave to temporary workers and allow them to apply for full-time vacancies after three years of acting,» said Michigan Public Radio. According to a UAW statement, the four-year contract, which covers workers on time in the company, would guarantee investments worth a total of $9 billion with 7,900 jobs. The agreement still needs to be approved by the National Union Council and then adopt a ratification vote by the company`s 47,000 unionized workers. After almost six weeks on picket lines, some of G.M.`s 49,000 trade unionists could be back on Saturday morning, although they have not yet been fully produced. «The ACF has been a great American success thanks to the hard work of our members. We have achieved significant gains and job guarantees for the fastest growing automotive company in the United States,» Rory Gamble, UAW`s current president, said in a statement. UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada wrote to local union leaders on Tuesday that the union was making «progress» with Fiat Chrysler, but there was an addendum: «While we want to move forward to reach an agreement, it is impossible to predict how long it will take.» The agreement provides for 3% salary increases for the second and fourth years and 4% lump sum allowances for 1st and 3 year olds for eligible permanent employees. Full-time and temporary workers may receive higher wages until the end of the four-year contract.

Union bargain hunters went into Ford talks Monday with the deal reached with GM earlier this month to meet similar conditions for wages and benefits for for Ford`s 56,000 factory employees represented in the United States. The strike at GM ended on October 25, when more than 48,000 workers ratified a new four-year contract. At Local 652, which represents approximately 1,400 employees at a factory that manufactures sport utility vehicles in Lansing, Mich., the contract was approved by a majority of 75%.