Please ensure that your auditor completes the designation of an examiner for the qualification exam for the initial issuance of licences, ratings and certificates and the non-UK briefing, as indicated in the IN 2016/003 and IN 2016/004 briefing, if applicable. A candidate for a type rating course for a multi-pilot aircraft must meet the following requirements: The loan contract must also be verified by your union before signing it. Even if you continue, you at least conclude the contract with a full understanding of its terms and implications. Student transportation is provided for mandatory travel and pickup is at the Academy, other pick-up locations can be arranged on the basis of basics and agreement on a case-by-case basis. SAA provides free transportation during training or mandatory travel and can provide specific pick-up locations during these periods. Instructors and students can also arrange their travel arrangements with instructors or private transport of students, if this corresponds to both parties on the basis of the instructors` agreement. On the IAP, we understand the business reasons that drive airlines to hire their pilots. With the labour market as it is now, it may be more difficult for employers to insist on inappropriate conditions for their borrowing contracts, but we would also suggest that it should be up to the pilot to fully review the terms of the loan before signing. If you don`t like at the end where you work, it won`t make you cross the threshold to successfully contradict the terms of the loan. The aviation industry has always regarded pilots as part of the normally tied job offer. Most employers will issue the pilot project with a separate employment contract and loan contract, although we have occasionally seen the details of the loan included in the employment contract. A good borrowing agreement clearly defined the amount of the loan, in addition to a breakdown of the cost allocation. It will also indicate the duration of the agreement and how much it will decrease (normally after 12 months).

He will then tell how he decreases, usually on a monthly basis or a fixed percentage for each of the remaining years of the loan.