Don`t sign anything until all incidental charges – management fees, electricity, water, etc. have been confirmed by checking meters and seeing third-party bills. In some cases, a customer is responsible for putting the utilities in their name, and sometimes not. As an expat, this can be discouraging, so feel free to ask for an all-around contract, backed by the confirmation of the service provider. It will be up to the owner to agree, but it is certainly worth asking. If you need to put the utilities on your behalf, you will probably need a Polish-speaking friend to navigate the process with you. Here too, all this information should be included in the rental agreement. Now go to and we`ll contact a credit counsellor who will speak your language and guide you through the process. For emergency maintenance requests: please call our office phone at 254-526-7100 and use the order calls as scheduled for an emergency call. Please include your phone number, accommodation address and name; Speak slowly and clearly. Let`s start with the fact that leases are more civil law agreements than state agreements, so what is in them will determine how well they work and how they end.

So it is very important that you know, before signing, what is in the contract, what is not… and what should be. The application screening lasts about 1 to 3 working days. After the acceptance and the end of the rental forms, the rent/deposit/fee is paid, your keys are delivered for immediate occupancy (or when the house is ready to occupy). Screening your application includes checking your income or creditworthiness, contacting current and former and current owners, conducting a credit check, a penalty history and checking public records. By signing the rental application, you have allowed us to contact these agencies if necessary and to empower them to provide us with information so that we can evaluate your application. If we refuse the lease on the basis of information discovered during the screening process, you have the right to obtain copies of this information on written request, to determine and to challenge the accuracy of the information for which a refusal is made. We are not required to investigate or challenge questions on your behalf and/or disclose or disclose information, unless required by law. Homes should not be maintained during an ongoing dispute resolution process. If a tenant does not comply with the rental conditions or does not pay the rent on time, you may be able to dislodge the tenant without formal eviction.

Pre-judicial eviction decisions are necessary before an appeal can be brought against a tenant. This requirement gives the tenant one last opportunity to repair the rental agreement, it also gives you, the landlord, the opportunity to remove a tenant from your property without the time and effort associated with a formal evacuation procedure. If the tenant is unable to repair the lease by paying unpaid rent or complying with other rental conditions, you may be able to request a formal legal evacuation. Tri-City encourages our tenants to take care of their rental home «if it were theirs.» Please use our form to request maintenance of your land at all times. Thank you for considering Management 1 Tri-Cities Property Management (M1TC) looking for a home to rent. We are proud of the quality of the rentals we manage and are happy to welcome every new qualified tenant into our family. We are not only looking for good apartments to manage for rent, we are also looking for good tenants. We have standards, but we want to be fair and more respectful of each person and the situation.