4.2 Proof of representation. If a person or person other than you is informed of the exercise of this option, the presentation of reasonable proof of that person`s right to exercise this option is required for the exercise of this option. 3.4 Dismissal for cause. In the event that your employment with the company or an affiliate for cause is terminated, this option expires and expires by 16:00 p.m with respect to all non-exercised option actions. (Minneapolis time) on the effective date of this termination. For the purposes of this agreement, «cause» is defined as:(i) wrongdoings or faults that affect the business or a related company, or any act that clearly tends to discredit the business or a related business; (ii) breach of employment contracts or services, obligation not to compete, or confidentiality obligation regarding the company or related company; (iii) the introduction of conduct that constitutes a conflict of interest with the company or a related company; (iv) violation of the guidelines, procedures or working rules of the company153s or a related company153s, including, but not limited to, the Navarre Code of Conduct and the Insider Trading Directive, which would justify termination after one or more infringements; or (v) to perform the essentially incorrect task, unless such a failure can be duly excused due to circumstances beyond your control. If you participate in an employment contract with the company or a related company that contains a definition of dismissal for the cause in conflict with the previous provision, your employment contract will be monitored. The new plan is confirmed by an overbid option or by the standalone option. 10.3 Full agreement.

This agreement and plan define the entire agreement and understanding of the parties regarding the granting and exercise of this option and the management of the plan, and have replaced all previous agreements, agreements, plans and agreements regarding the granting and exercise of this option and the management of the plan. [insert the name of the company whose shares are granted under option] (registered number [insert registered company number]) whose headquarters are located under [insert the company`s registered address] (company); [and] This section does not prevent the committee from discussing with Sun World`s current creditors and shareholders the terms of a consensual restructuring of the claims under the stand-alone option under the current plan or other plan. This agreement was concluded on [the date of execution of the stock option contract] and, as of December 31, 2003, the Company had 200,000 common shares reserved for issuance after the exercise of an ongoing stand-alone option agreement. The borrower issues and delivers these shares within 10 days of the delivery date of a completed conversion notice.2.6 The holder`s standalone option to convert the client.