There is no doubt that both spouses have agreed on conditions such as alimony and custody. Undisputed divorces are often the cheapest. Understood: agreed; understanding; I said so. Obligation: to guarantee; to become premeditated; to commit; To promise; to be implemented; This is the first time I`ve had it Underwrite: committing yourself to support a project, usually by investing money; to insure; to sign a name on a document and therefore to take an obligation. Unacceptable influence: inappropriate pressure that influences someone to do something they wouldn`t do if left to their own self. For example, if it can be proven that someone convinced a testamentary maker to leave them money that they would not have received other than their inadmissible influence, then the will could be set aside and cancelled. United States of America: the union of all states, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States, with government control that is entrusted to the citizens of the different states. Non-liquid law: a claim in dispute; An unexplained argument. unatorable behaviour: dishonourable or immoral behaviour; Behavior contrary to the code of ethics of one`s own position or profession. unsecured creditor: a creditor without security; a person owes money that has no rights to certain real estate as collateral for the debt. Usurcher: the act of collecting an exorbitant, excessive and illegal interest rate for a loan; an illegal contract for the loan of money. Utter: 1st total; absolute; entirely.

2. to say; To put it in words. Trade restriction agreements that prove appropriate may be applied. If a former employee is detained, the court will consider the geographic boundaries, what the worker knows, and the extent of the duration. The withholding imposed on a seller must be reasonable and binding in the event of a genuine courtesy stamp. Under customary law, fixed price-fixing contracts are legal. Exclusive supply agreements («Solus») are legal if they are reasonable. Contracts contrary to public policy are not concluded. In Bovard v. American Horse Enterprises (1988),[1] the California Court of Appeals for the Third District refused to impose a contract for payment for promissor notes used to purchase a company manufacturing drug utensils. Although the goods sold were not really illegal, the court refused to enforce the contract on grounds of public order.

Commercial restriction contracts constitute a large number of unlawful contracts and are generally not enforced unless they are reasonable in the interest of the parties and the public. Absolutely: unconditional; complete; final; without restrictions or conditions. Acceleration: the fact that a debt is due due to a default immediately before the scheduled date. Accident: An unforeseen event. It can be an accident or a happy event. Housing: 1. A favor done without worrying about money or other rewards. 2. A friendly solution to differences. Agreement: an agreement reached by two or more parties to settle their disputes or claims. Account: an unin populated claim based on transactions that have established a debtor/creditor relationship.

Accounting: a statement or data set that aggregates all activities related to a particular activity or item. Accredited: Recognized as worthy and approved. An accredited law school is a faculty accredited by the licensing agencies of the various states. Increased: to increase, for example.B. to earn interest added to the capital. Confirmed: verification that a document has been signed voluntarily and voluntarily. Known: the knowledge has been familiar with. Purchase: To buy or take possession of the property. Acquisition: something you bought, offered or inherited. Acquittal: not guilty; to release.

Acquittal: An explanation that nothing is due. Adjournment: To conclude a meeting until another time. Adjudge: transmit; To condemn; to make a judgment. Adaptation: a settlement of a requirement which often involves the fixing of a mutually agreed compromise amount. Administrator: The personal representative of the estate of a deceased person. . . .