The amendments will take effect 30 days after the release of the Federal Register, which is expected shortly, with the exception of the new rules on the confidentiality of employment contracts that come into effect as soon as it is published in the Federal Register, and the new rules for the application of the XBRL line on SEC bid covers are effective as follows. : material contracts – calendars and annexes similar to exhibitions. The SEC reporting company is no longer required to submit schedules or schedules to exhibitions unless they contain essential information that is not disclosed elsewhere in the issuance or disclosure document. Before this change, companies , with the exception of the essential plans for the acquisition, restructuring, agreement, liquidation or inheritance covered in paragraph 601 (b) (2) – were obliged to file all necessary documents in paragraph 601, including with respect to the material agreements submitted to paragraph 601 b) (10), regardless of the importance of the information in the calendars and exhibits. However, in practice, SOEs have increasingly begun to omit intangible schedules and schedules of contract documents, in some cases with the explicit oral permission of SEC staff, but in other cases, resulting in a dry comment inviting the company to include full schedules and schedules. The company and the subsidiaries have fulfilled all obligations (including payment obligations) in a timely manner and essentially meet and comply with all the conditions and agreements (including all financial obligation pacts) contained in each essential debt agreement and instrument. None of the companies or subsidiaries are in a situation of significant violation, infringement or delay, and none have received notice from any party claiming that the Corporation or the subsidiaries have committed a violation, violation or default in connection with a material agreement or debt instrument, and no other party, to the company`s knowledge, , has not earned a substantial violation, violation or delay. The new rules on Form 8-K also require a report on a substantial amendment to a substantial final agreement. Notification of a substantial change may be necessary even if the underlying agreement has not been notified on Form 8-K. For example, the amendment itself may make the agreement significant or the underlying agreement may have been reached before August 23, 2004, when the new Form 8-K came into effect.

The published information must be clearly flagged as omitted and the editors are subject to REVIEW by the SEC. The new rule applies to in-kind contracts (S-K 601 (b) (10) and position 1.01 of 8-K), acquisition contracts and bankruptcy plans (S-K 601 (b) (2)), but not to other exposures. Companies whose requests for confidential processing are served may (but are not required) to withdraw their applications.