Your time is precious. That`s why AMAPCEO has negotiated a strong tariff language to give you more control over your time. You have the right to request a «compressed work week» during which you can work a little more each day and earn up to 26 extra days off per year. In addition, you can also request to telepender one or more days a week. . If you still have questions, speak to a local AMAPCEO Workplace representative. Section 47 of the Ontario Public Service Collective Agreement (OPS) allows you to enter into alternative labour agreements (AWAs) that may include compressed work weeks, flexible hours and telecommuting. Our OPS collective agreement and employer policy are designed to promote access to flexible work arrangements for those who wish to do so. . We`ve created a quick and simple form to make it easier for you to access.

Just fill in the requested information and we generate a request to your superior. 1. For the strategy meeting for collective bargaining/negotiation, which is clearly necessary to protect the public interest or to prevent unnecessary damage to a person`s reputation in accordance with the law. The Staff recommends approval of the Head Start grant application and budget to support early childhood programming for 899 students up to five years of age. This sum consists of a combination of 747 preschoolers and 152 infants. The goal of Head Start and Early Head Start (Educare) is to create safe, caring and caring environments that promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth for infants, infants and preschoolers. If you work in a bargaining unit outside of PAHO, talk to your local workplace manager to get started. . Suite 2310 – 1 Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G1Z3 . The agenda is kept up-to-date and made available to the public during normal working hours in the office of the school board secretary in the administrative building. Board members may request that certain agenda items be moved to another item on the agenda.

Please participate in the entire session to ensure that you will hear a discussion on a specific item on the agenda. In accordance with Section 84-1412 of the Nebraska Statutes, the public is informed that a recent copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act will be published in the Board of Directors` meeting room on the north face. Agenda items are subject to a new order at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, please attend the entire meeting to ensure that you are able to hear any discussion. If you would like to repeat a discussion, please listen to our podcast on the District Web Page, You can find everything you need to know before submitting an application by looking at the AWA fact sheet. At this stage, it is appropriate for the Board of Directors to meet in camera on one of the above issues and/or other eligible issues from the in camera meeting, in accordance with the law. Proposal:. Notice to visitors: If you would like to speak, please receive a «Request to Listen» from the entry table and return the completed form to the table attendant or the director of the Education Commission.