«contributors,» any organization or entity or entity or individual that provides ATCC with technologies and/or patent rights related to ATCC hardware or original ATCC hardware. Between the parties, ATCC and/or its contributors retain ownership of all rights, ownership and interests of organic materials. The purchaser retains ownership of: (a) modifications (except that ATCC retains, as between the parties, ownership of the ATCC material contained in it) and (b) substances resulting from the use of biological materials, but which do not contain or constitute biological material. Regardless of the above, the buyer acknowledges and accepts that the biological material is subject to the restrictions outlined above in the «Extended Use» section. The buyer accepts and ensures that the purchaser recognizes ATCC and any contributor identified by ATCC as a source of biological material in all research, scientific or scientific research publications and in patent applications referring to biological material. If the contributor needs the ATCC material, ATCC can inform the contributor of the buyer`s identity. The purchaser expressly acknowledges that all trademarks are the exclusive property of ATCC and the purchaser expressly agrees not to use the marks without ATCC`s prior written consent. «ATCC equipment» refers to all materials purchased by the ATCC buyer, as described in an ATCC sales order. The buyer cannot otherwise transfer or transfer this MTA or rights or obligations of this MTA by law or by other means. Such an attempt at surrender or transfer is null and void and has no force or effect. This MTA, including all documents contained in this reference document, constitutes the entire agreement between ATCC and the purchaser with respect to biological material and replaces all previous agreements or assurances (written or oral) between ATCC and the purchaser regarding the same object. This MTA can only be amended, cancelled or terminated in writing and signed by the parties.

No clause or provision in this term is deemed to waive and no violation is excused unless such a waiver or consent is signed in writing and signed by the parties. If, for any reason deemed unenforceable, a provision of this MTA is not applicable, the rest of the MTA will remain fully in force. None of the provisions of this MTA are intended to establish or establish a relationship between ATCC or the purchaser that is not that of independent companies that, as part of this sub-activity, enter into contracts between themselves exclusively for the purposes of the application of the provisions of this agreement. «examiner,» one of the principal scientists or researchers referred to in the ATCC sales order, employed or retained by the buyer, used by the buyer and for which the corresponding ATCC material was purchased by the purchaser, as well as his individual assistants for the receipt of ATCC equipment, as used or retained by the buyer and referred to the corresponding ATCC sales order. In order to avoid any doubt, the investigator includes NOT biological basic installation or a final deposit with multiple users or a person employed or retained (in a capacity, including the use of biological material).