SHILLONG, 12 February: The Youth Front of Hynniewtrep tiol (HNYF) agrees with Urban Affairs Minister Ronnie V Lyngdoh on his recent statement that the MUDA should take over the MUDA-owned Jail Road property of Shillong. Office Secretary HNYF Donbok Dkhar said that in 2011, the basic property was leased to HM Cement to build a five-star hotel which, in the meantime, only proved that HM Cement had become insolvent when paying rent to the MUDA and that the hotel of this size had also undermined the security of the nearby Shillong prison. The corresponding act or act must be presented to the sub-chancellor`s registry office at the district, sub-district and district level, where the entire part of the land is located. He explained that in 2011, HNYF refused to lease land to HM Cement on the grounds that: That it violated the Meghalaya Land Transfer Act in all its definitions and stated: «We opposed it because the country in question is 71,649.58 square metres and the lease was for a period of 30 years. , which only means the total hazard of our country in non-tribal units, which violates the country of Meghalaya. The registration of rental rates is always better, because in this case, the sub-register goes through the details indicated and confirms their existence. This will ensure the legitimacy of the information provided and thus ensure greater security. As a general rule, an 11-month lease is preferred because it does not require registration with the under-registration office. Certification is not required in India. However, many people go to a notary and have their agreement confirmed, provided that it offers an additional level of security, since the details will be confirmed again. But it`s up to you whether or not you get it certified by the notary. Step 4: After checking the application, the OAR updates the details in land files managed by the Assam government. After verification, the OAR records the property and updates the details in the online floor records. Registered facts or rights records can be collected from the office sub-registry of the relevant sub-registry.

Going to a lawyer to design your lease is a painstaking and laborious process. Now you can create your online rental agreement in a few steps below. In this context, HNYF also presented a presentation to the then Minister of Municipal Affairs and Assistant Commissioner of East Khasi Hills Jopthiaw Lyngdoh in 2011. According to him, the lease in question was carried out in total violation of all the standards and procedures for the rental of state property, as was done without obtaining a sanction for the rental of either the state cabinet or state law, so the lease is illegal in itself and now the state`s cement is broken down and scammed the people of the state. It`s easier to move to a new place than to fight the differences you have with the owner. Creating an online rental agreement will save you the mind of chasing lawyers to include the customization clauses in your lease, as already mentioned in the contract we have entered into. As provides for the provision of the stamped value print and delivery to your address, the job will be even easier.