This is not the case if the two airlines you fly have an Interline baggage agreement. These agreements go to booking airfares with other airlines as well as accommodation for latecomers, but what we are interested in are baggage rules. There is good news on this front. As the @xJonNYC still known, American and Delta will re-establish their Interline agreement from today, Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Per a memo: It is also possible that the AA DL does not accept, but AA accepts DL This is how agreements sometimes work with Tim – you can speak for yourself, but I think the information that my sources have given me. And I understand that these are industry standards. It is quite possible that there has been more discussion about how bags are handled, which I do not know, but all I hear is that Delta gave in once it recognized the value of the reaccomm deal. The new ticket and baggage agreement will allow both airlines to re-empower customers affected by irregular flights. In 2015, Delta announced its former Interline deal with American. Other aspects of the old agreement, including the tariff combination for travel agencies and other third-party sales, are not returned.

While some people want to legislate on customer service, the deregulation of the U.S. aviation industry has allowed airlines to do what they felt was in their best interest. LUV chose on its own and based its entire business model on not cooperating with other airlines. I`m not sure why some people will decide so on AA and DL to terminate their ticketing contract, even if we reintroduce it now. What is the opposite of the phrase «Eat Crow»? A few years ago, I consulted an unnamed airline… Let`s call them bruises. The Blues CEO used to work for Rot, but was dropped for the top job during his time at Red, which made him very sad. Soon after, he went to work for Blue and his sadness turned into bitterness. The CEOs of Blue and Red were certainly not friends at this stage. In fact, the whole Blues culture was set up to aim for Red and with an aggressive competitive style.