During collection, agreements were added to the database. There are two main components of the database. First, the iba Fiscal Instruments Database agreements are covered by the IBA Fiscal Instruments database. This document aggregates agreements by sector and outlines the financial provisions of each agreement. Relevant information, for example. B a link to the agreement, if available, project type, date of signature, location of the project and signatories of the community and community population are indicated. After the IBA adds the agreement to the database, each tax tool receives an index number and is registered by Instrument in the IBA tax instrument database. This database records the type of instrument, the signatories, the IBA title, the type of project, the instrument name and the frequency of the instruments. In addition, the notes and, if so, the question of whether the instrument is adjusted for inflation are recorded. Before using this COVID-19 RPS, you must send an email to the Environment Agency`s regulator, site inspector or local compliance team to obtain written consent. The agreement on accommodation between urban neighbourhoods is an agreement between municipalities not to over-overwhelm each other when purchasing temporary and other housing for the homeless. West London makes available and manages the computer system used by districts to monitor and use the IBA agreement. On the basis of the annual monitoring and evaluation of the project`s performance, the commitments in the annexes can be updated from year to year by agreement between the parties to the IBA.

The annexes are therefore dynamic working papers that contain concrete and realistic commitments with regard to the use of Greenlandic workers and businesses. The licensee and subcontractors must meet these obligations each year. Annual monitoring of performance and possible updating of scheduled commitments ensures that the project evolves in line with Greenland`s recent economic development (e.g. B, labour, labour market, industrial structure, etc.). Finally, agreements known to the researchers were included in the database. These include agreements between resource development advocates and municipalities, such as the peace agreement. Before accepting IBAA on your authorized website, you must notify the Environment Agency by email and receive our written consent. Talk to your department manager, the thinker or the local compliance team. The general part of the IBA document is non-negotiable and frames the overall objectives of the agreement. He is responsible for organizing cooperation between the parties and their participation. The confidentiality of impact agreements means that a small portion of existing agreements are publicly available.