12. In the event of disputes or disputes that arise between the parties in this agreement, the decision of …… will be final and binding and the company is not allowed to make claims against the decision of the Shri in question……………………… 14. Unless otherwise agreed, the recipients concerned apply to the communication for all matters related to this agreement, as provided for in point:-10. This agreement is valid for one year from the date of execution of these gifts. The employer has the right to terminate this contract by the written termination of one month if the company violates one of the terms of this agreement or if the services provided by the company are considered by the employer to be unsatisfactory or for some other reason deemed sufficient by the employer, and the company is not entitled to compensation in the event of termination of that contract. The company can also terminate this contract by imposing one month on the employer. 13. The stamp duty on this agreement and the duplicate of this agreement are the responsibility of the company.

The original is kept by the employer and the company retains the duplicate. 5. The company accepts and undertakes that the security services of the security forces be provided to the full satisfaction of the employer, and the company will make it clear to the security guards that these employees are employees of the company and that they have no rights against the employer and that the employer is not responsible for wages, wages, allowances and all legal benefits under safety and other laws, and the company is responsible for providing these services to its employees. … the petitioners/non-plaintiffs have entered into an agreement with a G4S Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. of their establishment in Jalandhar for the provision of security services to the empty hotel… Security Services is a violation of parades 9.6 of the shareholder contract of 30.10.2007, it is in violation of the terms of the compromise. Given these circumstances… The company sets up……….

Security guards to maintain the guard post and the guard post and the protection of that factory in accordance with the employer`s request. The security guards made available by the company are made available for 24 hours on 8-hour shifts and must provide comprehensive security measures and plant protection 24 hours a day. … The benefits that are being challenged should have been withdrawn by the labour tribunal. In G4S G4S Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd… ready to pay the fine, the amount of the deposit would be realized. It was in the previous return that he had contacted the labour tribunal and had filed Petition No. 28/2016…Article 226 of the Constitution of India this court cannot convert to an appeals court.

If the Labour Party concludes… G4S Indian employees monitor multinationals, banks and embassies. India`s private sector security industry has grown by one million a year over the past three years, with five-year growth to 10 million workers. «The G4S is the key to raising wages and conditions for Indian security personnel? or reduce standards and exacerbate the country`s poverty. Unfortunately, G4S has chosen to follow the low path and impoverish workers in order to increase profit margins,» said Phillip Jennings, SECRETARy general of the UNI. The G4S Justice Alliance is seeking a comprehensive agreement for workers` rights to join the union of their choice and obtain decent treatment, including a viable wage and social protection. The full white paper can be find here. 11. At the expiry or expiry of an earlier provision of this agreement, the company and the security guards evacuate the plant site without any damage to the aforementioned premises and the plant assets contained in them.