CONSIDERING that the city operates and operates communal port facilities that can be used by boat owners and/or boat owners with properly documented or registered vessels (except barges), which can be self-operated and are in good condition; and IN CONSIDÉRANT, the owner is the rightful and registered owner of the vessel or yacht («Vessel»), as described below; and Facility and Slip No (s): PARADE STAGING December 14, 2019 Violation of the above rules and regulations, disorder, slander or unreasonable behaviour of an owner, crew or customer likely to injure a person or damage the reputation of the urban facilities is responsible for the immediate removal of the vessel in question from the wharf. Unused portions of the rental period are not refunded and retained by the city. The City reserves the right to take all available remedies due to a violation of these rules and regulations. SHIP`S KNOW: The city informs you that you cannot remove your ship from city marine facilities in time after issuing a tropical storm warning or hurricane guard for South Florida. of Cape Canaveral via the Florida Keys, in accordance with section 327.59 of the Florida Statute, the city, its employees or agents, is authorized to remove your ship from its underpants or skid, if appropriate, or to take any appropriate measures deemed appropriate by the city, its employees or their agents to better secure your ship and protect the marina`s property, private property and the environment. You will also be informed that you may be charged a reasonable fee for work equipment or other costs related to such an action. The City disclaims any responsibility for any damage to the property or persons resulting from these acts. Rental fee: WAIVED for Parade Day (use of the docks on the day of the parade from 14:30 to 20:30 on the search site listed on your parade staging card) WHEREAS, owner wants to rent in the city a briefs or briefs inside the reception facility to accommodate the ship. NOW THEREFORE, city and owner, in exchange for a valuable consideration and the alliances and provisions described below, you agree as follows: This agreement made electronically BY ACCEPTING THE TERMS ON THE WINTERFEST WEBSITE, from and between the city of Fort Lauderdale, referred to as «city,» and the owner of the ship it was signed, referred to as «owner.»