After much uncertainty and debate, the UPSC IAS Prelims was finally implemented on October 4, 2020. This time, the gap between the Prelims and the hand event is very large and the performance and preparation of the Prelims will therefore play a decisive role in determining your score for the Main. So if you find out how well you answered yesterday and understand the concept behind the answers, you can learn more about the different topics. Here we have shared in this article all the questions, their solutions and an explanation of what makes these options the appropriate. According to Marx, there can never be a compromise between the two and there would be a continuous conflict between the two. Mahatma Gandhi said that the class struggle has ruined the country and drastically reduced the production of goods. Not all people were bad. There was an urgent need to change our minds. I will not try to explain exactly how I tried to do it. It would be difficult to describe him in a brief interview. I would simply like to say that it contains a careful look and critique of how liberal modernity, in its theorization, has presented the perspective and framework of political economics and politics, from Locke`s contractual arguments for property to Locke`s recent playful theatrical consolidations in dilemma-style arguments of multi-person prisoners to the «tragedy of the commons.» and also try to go beyond the limited nature of regulatory responses to these arguments found in Elinor Ostroms (excellent) work on the commons and respond to these arguments. It is a very strong effort by a contemporary philosopher to address these questions, but at the end of the day, the ideas and arguments I present are really at the service of a critique of liberal modernity that is found in one form or another, both in Marx and Gandhi. A common convergence between Gandhism and Marxism is the ultimate goal of stateless and classless society, while the means of achieving these end goals are different.

In the name of the working class, these forces were used by the Communist Party in the People`s Republic of China, China and the communist countries of Eastern Europe. The state established its control over all aspects of people`s lives and democracy was killed. Gandhiji was a staunch defender of individual freedom. He wanted to win all of humanity with the power of love. Therefore, we cannot deny that there are some similarities and similarities between the two. In this detailed interview, Akeel Bilgrami talks about a wide range of topics of intellectual and contemporary importance such as the relationship between Gandhi and Marx, issues of modernity, Chomsky`s philosophy, personal influences, academic philosophy in India, secularism, caste and current politics in India, Hindutva politics and the criminal threat to the current government, the political challenge of Hindutva and the ways of resistance, and the importance of left-wing politics. 43. «The experiment will use a trio of spacecraft that will fly in formation in the form of a triangle of the same face, whose sides are a million kilometers long, with lasers between the spacecraft.» The experiment in question refers to (answer C) There is a great resemblance between Mahatma Gandhi and Kart Marx….