Sometimes, after an infidelity or a serious breach of financial trust, couples sign a post-nup – like a spouse with a secret gambling addiction, which stuns the couple`s fortune. In situations like this, a post-nup can try to protect against future betrayals of trust by entrusting ownership of assets to the wrong partner. «I call it the Beyoncé clause,» says Amy Saunders, a family lawyer who practices in Dedham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. «According to marital agreements offer tools that a court cannot. And maybe you need that to stay in a relationship. You should know that there is an essential reason not to cheat. «We agreed so much on the desire for a marriage that it was said, «Well, it was easy, it`s done,»» Ben says. With contract templates available on the LawDepot website, Krista wrote a first pre-nup project. «But almost, because it was so easy to reconcile, he was de-derriorized,» Ben continues. Caught up in wedding planning and family life, they spent the time signing a pre-Nup. So after they got married, they changed their contract to post-nup. The provisions of the posted marriage may also provide for the custody and assistance of minor children in the event that the marriage ends in divorce or separation from couples.

This is, however, an area in which state law may limit the provisions of a post-28th-long agreement. Some state laws say that post-uptial agreements that attempt to restrict or restrict child benefit or custody are considered unenforceable. On the other hand, prenups have a long history and benefit from acceptance at the federal level. In theory, this is a better solution when it comes to saying what happens to your financial assets and commitments. But the reality is that many couples will change significantly during their marriage; Post-up contracts are a way to deal with these changing circumstances. Inheritances that a spouse received during the marriage are generally not considered to be common property. However, if an estate has been treated in a manner that has led it to be «mixed» with common ownership, an inheritance can be considered a common property. If there was a post-up, the agreement would remove that same right to ownership and ensure that the heir retains his inheritance.